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  • What is Leadership?
    Leadership doesn't always come naturally, but everyone has the potential ability to lead. Leadership is a set of skills that can be taught, studied, and developed.
  • Group Leadership Dynamics
    What's my company's ethos? A culture is built on the attitudes and character of its people. A company's culture of confidence and success is reflected in the attitudes and character of people who work there.
  • Deploy Your Team Within Its Capabilities
    Understanding your team's capabilities - and its limits - is crucial to success, both in battle and in business.
  • Consider Input But Be the Decision-Maker
    Multiple and diverse perspectives can help you tackle problems; consider the advice and input of your team, and then follow through on decisions.
  • Next Man In, Next Level Up
    Leadership sometimes means stepping up to the plate when your teammate has to call out.
  • "Gung-Ho" Explained
    The military origins of "gung ho" are rooted not in enthusiasm, but in working together to achieve a common goal.
  • People of Different Talents Coming Together
    Successful teams depend on people of all different talents, strengths, and personalities. Not everybody can do everything, but everybody can do something - it's together that a team achieves success.
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